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… And Not A Drop To Drink. [Call for Submissions - Topic: Water]

I mentioned previously that Human Beams was going to be moving in new and exciting directions when the time was right, and that time is now. It’ll still require a measure of patience on all our parts as we make sure each step is on a firm foundation before we move on to the next one, but our goals of - by November, 2008 (our 10 year anniversary) - becoming more than a magazine, being more relevant, cohesive and innovative in many areas and, most importantly, of connecting dots, will be met. As it will take a bit of time to gather the material needed not only to put our first (new) issue out (including, finally, a print version!), but to do it in the way we have planned, there is a tentative publishing date of the first or second week of October. For the online version. In what may be considered an odd twist of publishing, but which we have very good reasons for, our print version will not be coming out until after the web issue is retired. … Continue Reading … And Not A Drop To Drink. [Call for Submissions - Topic: Water]

Both Sides Now

Opinion/Editorial Commentary

Commentary and opinion on current events, social issues, politics, religion and life.

July 09, 2007

The Basic Ideals Of American Justice Lost

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? The Controversial Peter Singer

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Personal Gratification

July 08, 2007

Rewinding the Warren Court

Our Humanity

Human Rights
Our Society

The stewardship of the earth; economics and labor; essential human rights and human dignity - if we can get all these right, realizing how often they intersect, we'll be well on our way to forming the building blocks for the just society we hope for in our future.

Page Break

Book and Movie Reviews
PB Blog

Artsy stuff, book talk, reviews of movies, books and music. Interviews and profiles of authors and artists, and blog.

International Politics

News and Analysis

Reporting and analysis from experts and amateurs on current and political events around the world.

Life... at Large

The Fat Man's Kitchen
Finding the Lion Next Door

Ready for a break from the strife and news of the day? Travel near and far, whip up a new and interesting meal, take a slice of life and then read about ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things.

Young Minds


The young are apathetic and uncaring? Don't believe it. Engaged, activist, concerned about the world they live in now, and what it will hold in the future - and how they can work to shape it, is the focus of many young minds. Meet some of them.


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